Personality Development

As a part of personality development in school, we focus on the following areas: Hobby classes – It is mandatory for our students to choose one hobby and then our qualified trainers further hone their skills. In these hobby classes teachers teach them how to work in teams and develop leadership qualities. Public speaking/Presentation skills – Effective communication and correct body language boost up one’s confidence which further sharpens and improves individual’s personality. People with good communication tend to have better and impressive personality day in and day out, our teachers with their persistent behavior train students on how they should speak, their pronunciation, their body language. We also have dedicated faculty for spoken English and presentation skills. Our students enjoy these classes as we use different and interesting methods to train them. Moral Value - We also have moral value classes on a regular basis as we firmly believe that it inculcates the sense of responsibility, increases emotional intelligence and enhances problem solving skills. News/G.K - We religiously follow newspaper for all students daily and also have G.K classes as they force you to think on different aspects and develop cognitive thinking. Having said that we would say that Personality Development is an integral part of our education system and should be followed religiously. We at Jindatta Institute fo education School strive to be “The Best” in studies but at the same time not to forget to develop our students as the finest personalities and to be the best Personality Development School as well.